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Brand Strategy

Have you ever wondered why certain brands resonate with you on a deep, emotional level?

What if you could harness that same magnetic appeal for your own business?

At Annybo, we believe in creating brand strategies that reflect the unique identity and aspirations of your business.

Imagine having a brand that not only stands out in a crowded market but becomes a beacon for your ideal customers.

Do you feel sometimes that your business is the world's best-kept secret?

It's time to change that. With Annybo's brand strategy, your business will not just be seen — it will be felt.

Imagine transforming customers into passionate advocates who resonate with what your brand stands for.

Are you struggling to articulate what makes your business unique?

We understand that at the heart of every successful brand is a story yearning to be told.

A story that engages, inspires, and compels action. What story does your brand want to tell? Let us help you craft it.

Do you dream of a brand that aligns with your customers' values and aspirations?

We can help you discover how to align your brand with the core values and emotional undertones that attract your ideal customers.

After all, people don't just buy products or services; they buy into a better version of themselves.

Explore a partnership with Annybo, where we build more than just strategies; we build legacies.


for 2 months, 10,000€ Total

What’s included?

What to expect from the Brand Strategy Package

We've been busy sharpening our skills in designing top-notch brand strategies. We've got a foolproof method in place that guarantees your brand strategy resonates with your crowd and creates that essential connection every single time.

Brand Statement

We’ll distill the core of your identity into a memorable brand essence statement that encapsulates who you are, the key problem you address, and the transformative impact you deliver.

This statement will be the essence of your brand’s identity – concise, memorable, and ever-present across all your communications.

Brand Commitment

  • Refine and affirm your brand’s mission, vision, and values.
  • Identify and understand your target audience.
  • Set your brand apart, gain word-of-mouth advocacy from your satisfied audience.
  • Use your Muse as the source of inspiration that drives your brand’s creative direction and purpose.
  • Map out the customer’s experience, from the first time discover your brand to the point they become dedicated fans, focusing on the emotions and interactions at each step.

Visual Brand Harmony

  • We’ll make sure all your products and services show off your personal brand’s look and feel.
  • We’ll build a visual brand plan that includes your photos, the right stock images, and important design details.
  • We’ll make sure your logo is used just right. 
  • We’ll help you pick out colours and fonts that reflect your brand’s spirit.
  • Help your online presence be as inviting and genuine as you are in person.
  • We’ll create an authentic tone of voice that resonates with your personal style, ensuring all your content speaks in your unique voice.

Brand Story Structure

  • Category audit.
  • Competitor audit.
  • Gain insights into the competitive landscape and articulate a differentiation strategy that is superior in clarity and impact. 
  • Create comprehensive profiles for the different groups of people you want to attract with your business.

Brand Positioning

  • Category audit.
  • Competitor audit.
  • Gain insights into the competitive landscape and articulate a differentiation strategy that is superior in clarity and impact. 
  • Create comprehensive profiles for the different groups of people you want to attract with your business.

Who can benefit from Annybo's Brand Strategy?


  • Passionate Communicators: People who are deeply passionate about their message and are committed to ensuring it resonates with and reaches their intended audience.

  • Individuals Ready to Invest: Clients who see the value in time, resources, and energy into developing a robust brand strategy.

  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners: Those who are ready to establish their brand’s position in the market and understand the value of a strategic approach.

  • Startups: Businesses in the early stages looking to create a strong brand foundation to help them grow and scale effectively.

  • Visionaries with a Long-Term Outlook: People who are focused on long-term success and building lasting relationships with their audience.

  • Collaborators: People committed to actively contributing to the success of their brand.


  • People not prepared to invest time in interviews and other time-intensive elements of brand strategy development.

  • People who expect instant results or overnight success. Effective brand strategy is a long-term effort that builds momentum over time.

  • People looking only for quick, temporary fixes or one-time tactics that don’t build lasting value.

  • People on a very tight budget, that may find it challenging to invest in a comprehensive brand strategy service. Our services are an investment in your business’s future and are priced accordingly.

  • People who prefer to manage every aspect of their business themselves.

  • People with Lack of Commitment. If an individual is not ready to fully commit to the process and take active steps towards developing their brand, our services may not be appropriate. Brand strategy requires participation and dedication.